Pay at Pump


Processing solutions suited to help you with your fuel business!

Raxx Payment Solutions offers a comprehensive Pay-at-the-Pump program with high speed authorizations and complete payment solutions that are fast, reliable and secure. We authorize and settle private label fuel cards, enabling you to serve more customers and generate more revenue than ever before.


Clover® is transforming businesses from the ground up! Providing everything you need to accept more payment types, increase efficiency and improve operations, Clover has you covered for years to come!



Effectively streamline your entire payment processing system with ProCharge®! Our comprehensive platform automatically integrates all payment solutions, synching transaction data across multiple devices.


Dual Pricing

Offset up to 99% of your credit card processing fee with Dual Pricing.



Enhance your service offerings with eGiftSolutions®, the most comprehensive gift card program available. Gift cards are a great way to generate more revenue for your business. Whether you operate a franchise or a single location, our in-house gift card program makes offering gift cards fast and easy. Our variety of processing programs and wide selection of customizable card designs and merchandising ensure that your brand gets into your customers’ hands as quickly as possible.


American Express OptBlue Program

Electronic Payments now offers OptBlue Program for American Express® Card Acceptance!


EMV Technology

The switch to EMV is in full swing. As more consumers begin to rely on their newly issued chip cards, adding new in-store technology to accept EMV-enabled cards and more effectively safeguard sensitive card data and protect your business from potential liability is crucial. Electronic Payments supports EMV technology and plays an active role in ensuring that our merchant partners are prepared for this new technology.

Reporting Tools

We offer a variety of reporting tools to help your business.

PCI Compliance

PCI Compliance is a standard of security established for any business that processes credit cards. Whether you have a computerized POS system, process over a phone and do manual imprints, process through a credit card terminal or have an e-commerce website taking orders, PCI establishes a series of best practices and minimum security protocols that must be observed for your business type. 

Merchant Funding

Running a business can be challenging, but getting funding doesn’t have to be! With Electronic Payments, you’ll have access to fast, flexible, and affordable funding solutions generate the working capital your business needs to propel your growth