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While consumers continue enjoying ever-increasing reward points, merchants are left with sinking profits. We think it’s time that cost-conscious businesses benefit from practical payment solutions.



Your job is to run your business, not to worry about payment processing! Electronic Payments has eliminated all the apprehensions and concerns associated with accepting and processing credit cards. Since 2000, we’ve been providing merchants nationwide with state-of-the-art solutions that are user-friendly, reliable and secure. Like so many of our merchant partners, you too can maximize your business’s operations with the most innovative and trusted payment processing services and solutions.

24/7 In-house Merchant Support

By establishing the highest standards for service, integrity and price, we enjoy one of greatest reputations in the payment processing industry. Our in-house merchant support and 24/7 technical support teams have years of industry experience and can assist you with any need. Plus, with so many changes in payment technologies, we’re always on the forefront, offering the latest in mobile, NFC and EMV-ready solutions.


Exatouch® Point of Sale

Exatouch® is the leading point of sale system that doubles as a full-featured business management solution. Accept the latest in card technology while saving time, money and enhancing business processes!


Clover® Placement Program

Clover® is transforming businesses from the ground up! Providing everything you need to accept more payment types, increase efficiency and improve operations, Clover has you covered for years to come



Effectively streamline your entire payment processing system with ProCharge®! Our comprehensive platform automatically integrates all payment solutions, synching transaction data across multiple devices.


Earn Money & Become a Referral partner

Put extra money in your pocket by connecting business owners you know with Raxx Payment Solutions. How do I become a Referral Partner? Sign up for the program and share & make contacts. If a confirmed contact or appointment results in a closed deal, you get $100!

Supported Industries

Raxx Payment Solutions hosts a variety of processing solutions for a wide range of service industries. Contact us today to discuss your options and which solution may fit your business best. Click below on the service you’re interested in for more information.

Technology Services

Using a free email service for your business works functionally, however you can foster a professional appearance for as little as $10/month.

A placeholder for your Web site that contains your basic business information can also be set for as little as $99!

Reach out to our Technology Services Director to find a technology solution that best suits your needs and your budget!

Core Values

R – Driven to Offer Industry’s Best-In-Class Client Experience

A – Ambitious to Continually Grow and Improve Products and Services Through Innovation

X – Resourceful to Think Outside the Box within a Progressive Mindset

X – Committed to Attain the Highest Standard of Quality in Everything We do


Raxx Payment Solutions is innovative company offering products and services to enhance operations of businesses and improving their overall customer experience. Working with a National Network or Financial Institutions and Processors, allows us to offer the right solution to our clients.

Mission Statement Achieve our goals by working hard on behalf of our clients to make the world a better place.