Touch Bistro

TouchBistro is an all-in-one POS and restaurant management system that makes running a restaurant easier. Providing the most essential front of house, back of house, and customer engagement solutions on one easy-to-use platform, TouchBistro helps restaurateurs streamline and simplify their operations, increase sales, and deliver a great guest experience.

The All-in-One POS and Restaurant Management System

All the technology you need to run your restaurant on one easy-to-use platform.

See how TouchBistro helps you…

Increase sales

Increase sales with built-in tools that help you boost average check size, speed up table turnover, and promote your most profitable menu items.

Save time and money

Manage staff, floor plans, and costs with on-the-go tools that help you spot ways to save time and money – whether you’re in venue or out of office.

Deliver a great guest experience

Deliver better service with a mobile POS that helps you seat guests faster, minimize order errors, keep lines moving, and process payments without a hitch.

POS Features

Our restaurant POS software comes equipped with all of the features you need to streamline your operations and boost your profit margin.

  • Floor Plan & Table Management

    Customize and edit your floor plan on the go by looking at critical factors like distance between tables, time seated, and spend per table.

  • Reporting & Analytics

    Make informed business decisions faster with more than 50 reports that provide deep insights into sales trends, staff performance, and much more.

  • Tableside Ordering

    Move lines and place orders faster by taking TouchBistro onto the floor – plus, effortlessly add more registers when your busy season hits.

  • Menu Management

    Upsell with ease, manage on- and offpremise orders, and easily build and update menus from anywhere.

  • Inventory Management

    Understand your food costs, reduce waste, and alert staff when items are low with restaurant inventory management software built right into your POS.

  • Staff Management

    Upsell with ease, manage on- and offpremise orders, and easily build and update menus from anywhere.


TouchBistro offers customizable solutions for your restaurant’s unique needs. Our flexible pricing options make it easy to personalize your restaurant management system.

  • Point of Sale

    Starting at $69/month*

  • Reservations

    Starting at $229/month

  • Online Ordering

    Starting at $50/month

  • Loyalty

    Starting at $99/month

Why Restaurants Choose TouchBistro

“TouchBistro offers all of the features we need and is incredibly easy to use! The system has helped speed up service and has significantly cut down the amount of manual work we have to put into our day to day. Best of all, TouchBistro actually saved us money by making our business more efficient.”

-  Sweet Capone’s
    Mary Raddis