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Methods For Retaining Merchants

Pamela's ISO has low attrition because she builds meaningful relationships over time, identifies the best solution to support the operations of her clients, and personally supports her merchant base. Many businesses have poor experiences with our processors and don't want to call an 800 number to be placed on hold. You're empowered to show them different!

Our Team

Pam Koski CEO

Pam Koski CEO

Pam is a strong leader with 25 years of experience in team leadership in corporate management, sales consulting, sales operations, solution-based selling and marketing. Her goal is to bring this experience to merchant services to ensure her clients receive the best solution for their business to increase efficiency and revenue. In addition, she believes in superior customer service, leading the way with some of the best reviews in the industry. There is never a phone call that goes unanswered nor a client without resolution. Pam speaks to other agents across the country to assist with sales training, product and knowledge and most importantly emphasizing the most important part of the business, the clients. When asking the secret to her success she states, “just doing what is best for my clients and making sure they are taken care of. It is that easy”.

Renee Hiltbrand Client Support Specialist

Renee Hiltbrand Client Support Specialist

Renee has over 35 years of experience in working with customers, clients, and patients. Her background includes experience as a Chiropractic Radiologist Technician due to her passion with wanting to help other people. She has brought her same expertise to Raxx Payment Solutions. Renee is an advocate for the merchant and will go to the full extent to assist with answering questions or assisting with a variety of needs. Customer service skills with a positive attitude are Renee’s greatest attributes.

Dale Bolton Director of Sales

Dale Bolton Director of Sales

With over 15 years of proven sales experience in technology and financial industries, Dale contributes his leadership skills towards business operations, sales consulting and customer service on the Raxx Payment Solutions team. He has a history of being sought out by merchants as a result of his effective ability to provide solutions to problems. He has a knack for recognizing the varying needs of different businesses, and he strives to maintain the highest level of honesty and integrity with his transparent approach.

Raxx Payment Solutions merchants trust his vast availability to serve their needs, often ranging from early morning to late at night, without regard to weekends and holidays. His personal motto is, “A happy customer is a lifelong friend, and I am in the business of making friends!”

Core Values

R – Driven to Offer Industry’s Best-In-Class Client Experience

A – Ambitious to Continually Grow and Improve Products and Services Through Innovation

X – Resourceful to Think Outside the Box within a Progressive Mindset

X – Committed to Attain the Highest Standard of Quality in Everything We do


Raxx Payment Solutions is innovative company offering products and services to enhance operations of businesses and improving their overall customer experience. Working with a National Network or Financial Institutions and Processors, allows us to offer the right solution to our clients.

Mission Statement Achieve our goals by working hard on behalf of our clients to make the world a better place.

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